2016 Cruisin’ for a Cure Celebrity List!  We are happy to welcome some celebrities this year to CFAC!

Genevieve Chappell  – Booth 277 on the corner of Budnik Lane



Automotive TV Host & Personality

ESPN, SPEED, Velocity and MAVTV



Steve Strope from Pure Vision – He will be driving down from LA to sign posters.


Steve Strope and the team at Pure Vision work their magic building one of a kind custom automobiles in the greater Los Angeles area. Located in Simi Valley, they’ve turned out magazine feature cars from all the major American automotive brands. Muscle Cars, Street Rods, Hot Rods, and Street Machines from FoMoCo (Ford, Mercury, Lincoln,) GM (Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Buick, Pontiac, GMC) and Mopar (Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler) have all been given the Pure Vision treatment to world wide acclaim.

They’re best known for building custom American Muscle Cars from the 60’s and 70s, but are happy to put their touch on any car of any era. If you’re looking to build a show stopper that will turn heads at the yearly SEMA Show with some crazy exotic engine, or just simply install some aftermarket “bolt-on” parts to your daily driver with a small block, Pure Vision can handle it for you!



A rare exotic car called “The Beast” will be featured in her booth.  The car is owned, designed and created by Ferris Rezvani.







ferris-1Ferris Rezvani, Owner and Founder of Rezvani Motors an automotive design and manufacturer of high-performance supercars based in Irvine, California. Rezvani Motors was founded by Ferris Rezvani, a designer involved with Vencer’s Sarthe super-car.

As a young boy, founder Ferris Rezvani aspired to become a fighter pilot just like his father. In order to develop a thrill similar to an F-4 fighter jet, Mr. Rezvani set out to create an extreme sports car that gave drivers the opportunity to experience the same exhilaration and g-forces behind the wheel. This is represented in the Rezvani emblem – with wings representing our roots in aviation and steering wheel and racing stripes representing the brand’s dedication to driving.

Promo video for the car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXllkPWuPt4


Gene Langmesser – World-renowned Automotive Visionary & Engineer – Booth 277 

Will be signing autographs and giving away posters and postcards


Owner and founder of N2A Motors, Gene Langmesser, has a long, successful history in the Automotive and Aerospace industry. Gene is known in the industry as “The Fireman” for serving as Porsche’s troubleshooter for the U.S. market: finding and designing solutions for Porsche’s line-up such as the 993-series (911 / Carrera).  He has developed a unique skill-set affording him the ability to understand and implement any project from paper to pavement. Part visionary, part grease monkey, Gene has spawned world renowned engineering teams, executed cutting edge vehicle programs for both domestic and international OEMs, and has introduced new innovations that have transformed the automotive industry.






Fireball is a legend in the Car Design world, among having designed vehicles for over 400 of Hollywood’s biggest films including BATMAN, KNIGHT RIDER, JURASSIC PARK & MONSTER GARAGE and over 1000 Commercials, he’s the Host of “FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG” on YouTube. The World’s Coolest Automotive-Beachlife VLOG directly from the shores of beautiful Malibu, featuring amazing CARS, AUTOMOTIVE INSPIRATION, CAR SHOWS & CELEBRITY Interviews. The show reaches millions via YouTube, TV4, Amazon as well as The Auto Channel Television Network in Boston and Miami.

Fireball’s an Award-Winning Car Designer, CARtoonist, Author, Filmmaker and has been the Host for Speed, TLC, Discovery and Velocity shows. He’s literally reached over a billion viewers and has been appearing at SEMA in Las Vegas for the last 30 years.

In addition to this, he Hosts of his own Car Event WHEELS AND WAVES at Gladstones in Malibu every 3rd Sunday morning, showcasing some of the best cars in the world every Sunday.


He’ll be at Cruisin’ For A Cure signing his amazing Books and doing free sketches!