Model Car Contest

Model Car Contest

Special thanks to organizer Mark Jones of Scale-Master.

Download our Entry Rules here.

Sponsored By: Scale-Master Decals
Special Awards for: Best of Show, Best Engine, Best Finish, and Best Interior

Registration from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Awards presented at 2:00 pm

Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in all categories.
Questions? Call Mark at 714-848-4645 or

2017 Cruisin’ For a Cure Model Car Contest Winners

Hot Rod / Street Machine

1st –  Black Widow “T-Pickup”                                       By Michael Apodaca          

2nd –  ’40 Mercury                                                             By Willie Ramirez Jr.

3rd –  ’65 Impala                                                                 By Daniel Ramirez

Competition: Drag / Straight Line

1st –  ’23 Competition Gasser                                        By Garth Wise     

2nd –  Tony Nancy 225R Dragster                                By Jessie Ortega

3rd –  Kendall GT-1 Funny Car                                        By Don Tabata

Competition: Road Course / Oval

1st –  1970 Lloyd Ruby “Mongoose” Indy Car          By Art Laski             

2nd –  Corvette C6R                                                           By Kurt Wilson

3rd –  Herbie the Love Bug                                              By Steve Taylor


1st –  ’49 Chevy Fleetwood                                            By Jorge Ramirez                    

2nd –  ’55 Chevy                                                                  By Willie Ramirez Jr.

3rd –  Road Warrior Mad Max Car                               By Steve Taylor


1st –  1970 Chevy Monte Carlo                                     By Alfred Grijalva                   

2nd –  ’66 El Camino                                                          By Willie Ramirez Jr.

3rd –  ’80 Regal (Blue)                                                      By Tim Kitzmiller


1st –  Super Boss                                                                By Terry Kale        

2nd –  Model T  3 Stooges Car                                        By Steve Taylor


1st –  Honda 70 Mini Trail                               By Terry Kale        

2nd –  2005 Yamaha YZR-M1                          By Paul Cadwell

3rd –  Ducati 900 NCR                                       By Steve Taylor


1st –  ’54 Hudson Special                                 By Terry Kale        

2nd –  1953 Studebaker                                   By Randy Manning

3rd –  2004 Lexus                                                By Alfred Grijalva

Small Scale

1st –  1947 LaBatt’s Beer Wagon                  By Art Laski             

2nd –  Ferrari 333 SP                                         By Alan Stillson

3rd –  ’66 Nova                                                    By Mike Lashley

Large Scale

1st –  McLaren M23                                           By Kurt Wilson   

2nd –  Ferrari 312 B3                                         By Alan Stillson


1st –  Uncertain T                                               By Kurt Wilson   

2nd –  ’57 Chevy Deal’s Wheel’s                    By Randy Manning

Modified Die-Cast

1st –  ’87 Silverado / ’55 Chevy                     By Mike Lashley

2nd –  Fiat Fuel Altered                                    By Garth Wise


2017 Cruisin’ For A Cure Model Car Contest Best Of Winners

Best Interior               Art Laski          1970 Lloyd Ruby “Mongoose” Indy Car           

Best Finish                  Terry Kale        Super Boss

Best Engine                 Art Laski          1970 Lloyd Ruby “Mongoose” Indy Car

Best Of Show          Art Laski          1970 Lloyd Ruby “Mongoose” Indy Car