A HUGE Thank You to Our Volunteers!

We know that it is impossible to thank each and every one of our volunteers face-to-face, but without you, this would not be what it has become. IT IS BECAUSE EVERY ONE OF THE VOLUNTEERS brings a value to our team that no one else could. For this we are thankful and extremely appreciative for your time, devotion to our cause, and for your big smile and big hearts greeting everyone and making everyone feel welcome and a part of this wonderful event to save our men. Helping to raise money for the KSK Cancer Center of Irvine, CA  for their prostate cancer research program with your donated time is incredible!

There are 100’s of volunteers to list, but a big thank you to:

  • Hot Rods Unlimited
  • Pickups Limited
  • Over the Hill Berdoo gang
  • Ross Kroenert
  • Jack Radio and their team
  • All of the Doctors and Staff of KSK Cancer Center and Quest Labs
  • Lyndsay Johnson of Bound-by Marketing 
  • Clint and Dianna Stark
  • Esther Myers and her team
  • Larry and Betty Volk and their team
  • Rick Abate and his team
  • Frank Roberson and his team
  • Rita and Dan Tavaglione
  • John Gilson
  • Rich Ganitch and his team
  • Kathy Beezley and her team and her husband
  • Dave Lindsay of www.socalcarculture.com

Thank you beyond our hearts can express how grateful we are for every single person, vendor, participant, band, and feet in the street!  Here’s to another wonderful cruise for years to come!